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Terrific Temple Visit!

On Tuesday 23rd February, Year 3 went on a fantastic visit to the Balaji Temple in Dudley. We were met by our guide, a lovely Hindu gentleman called Abhi Ji. He showed us around all the temples on the complex, and we were all impressed by the intricate carvings, colourful flowers and marble floors. We had to take our shoes off as a sign of respect and had to be really quiet so we didn’t disturb people who were praying. We were shown around several different shrines. Each one had a different god inside. We were introduced to two priests and they described how people worship.
Before we went home we were given biscuits and a drink and some of us tried some special rice. Everyone at the temple was really friendly and welcoming towards us, and we all were very interested to find out how other people worship. Abhi Ji commented on the good behaviour of the class, and encouraged us to return again. A particular well done goes to Caine H. who asked some very thoughtful questions.


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Good Work and Leap Frog!

Well done to Declan Mc, Luke P and Reece B all wrote fantastic adventure stories and were nominated for good work, congratulations to you all.

Also well done to Reece S, Reece B, Hayd’n P, Luke L, Emily R and Declan Mc for completing their next Leap frog challenges and gaining their new certificates.

Hope you all have a great half term and get to do lots of nice things, stay safe and see you all when we return.

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Super Spellers

The following children got all of their spellings right this week. Well done Year 3, I am very proud of you!
* Chloe A
* Rhianna R
* Luke P
* Lucas W
* Rebecca R
* Hayd’n P
* Lucy E
* Emily R
* Laura W

Keep up the good work!

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Good Work and Leapfrog

Well done to Shaun R and Laura W who were both  nominated for good work assembly today.  Shaun came up with some fantastic ideas for his adventure story in Literacy today, and Laura has been a really kind and caring friend in our class.

Also well done to Luke P, Emily R, Rebecca R, Reece B and Laura W who all achieved their Leap Frog challenges.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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Super Spellers!

Well done to the following children who got full marks in their spelling tests this week:
* Lucas W
* Armani B
* Emily R
* Charlie T
* Tegan W
* Luke L

Remember that spelling tests are now on a Wednesday!
Let’s see if we can add more names to the list next week. Good Luck!

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