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Class 3 are very lucky this term to have the opportunity to work with Michelle, a qualified gymnastics coach. They have enjoyed developing ways of balancing and rolling and can look forward to using the large apparatus very soon.

Have a look at them in action.

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Year 3 Pen Licence

In class 3 we have a very special way of rewarding those children whose handwriting in neat, clear and shows some evidence of joining. So far 3 children have received their PEN LICENCE, which means they can use a pen in all literacy and topic work.

Well done to Georgia, Gabe and Ryan O who have enjoyed using a pen this week. Mrs Daley and I are looking very carefully at all written work and can’t wait to give out more pen licences, so keep working on your handwriting.

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Year 3 Update!

Year 3 have been working very hard in all their lessons. So far we have been looking at story settings in Literacy and trying to add more detail to our descriptions.
In numeracy we have been developing our mental strategies by partitioning and doubling.
We have enjoyed learning about the Romans and have used an atlas to identify countries under their control. We have also learnt how powerful and successful the Roman army were.

Keep working hard !!

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Hello from the all new Year 3!!

Hello and welcome to our class blog. On this blog we’ll show you some of the exciting things we get up to at school. In the meantime, have a look at some photos that were taken in our first week.

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