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Download ‘Flip Boom Doodle’

You can download a free version of the animation software ‘Flip Boom Doodle’.

You’re going to need an adult with an email address to help you.

You will need to go to this website:-

You will need to type in a first name and a last name and an email address. The Toon Boom website will then send you the license key which you will need to install the software.

Be quick. The software is only free before January 31st 2012.

Mr. K.


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Happy New Year!

Welcome back! We hope that you all had a super holiday and wish you all the best for the coming year.

The children have settled back really well and are already producing some super pieces of work. We have enjoyed our first few topic lessons and look forward to finding out lots more about Mountains, rocks and soils..We had our first swimming session day and I was very impressed with the confidence of all the children. 

Good Work.

Well done to Tony, who produced some super literacy work, as a result of looking at The Tuinnel by Anthony Browne. He was able to write from the point of view of one of the characters and was able to use connectives to give reasons.

Well done to Ryan O, who has a very good knowledge of the world. He was able to use an atlas with confidence to identify the 8 continents and world mountain ranges.

Have a good weekend.

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Making Animations

Hello Class 3!

Here is the link to the Toon Boom website:-

Scroll down the page and click on ‘Create your 1st animation in seconds’.

Have fun!!

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