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Roman shields…


October 26, 2013 at 8:42 am 3 comments

Good work winners 25.10.13

Wow, we’ve reached the end of the first half term already… and there’s only 61 sleeps left until Christmas!! 😉  What a busy half term we’ve had too.

This week the children have produced some fabulous Roman soldier poems and impressed me with their measuring skills in numeracy.  Mrs Marsh and I have also been knee deep in paper mache several times this week during our DT lessons.  Photos of our brilliant Roman helmets will follow once we have added the finishing touches to them…

Good work winners this week 25.10.13

Charlotte and Heidi

I really enjoyed reading Heidi’s Roman soldier poem, which she wrote independently.  She has also recently moved into a new and more challenging numeracy group. Overall I am really impressed with the effort Heidi puts into all her work.  Well done Heidi  🙂

Charlotte has used a thesaurus to make some excellent vocabulary choices for her Roman soldier poem.  It was brilliant and you would never guess it had been written by a Year 3 child either! Keep up the good work Charlotte.


See you all on TUESDAY 5th November, I’m looking forward to seeing your marvellous mosaics…

Have a great half term holiday and a happy Hallowe’en everyone – keep safe!

P.S  Get practising those times tables!

Miss Clifton





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Y3 Stunning Start Toga day – Sept 2013

Y3 Toga Party Y3 Toga Party-06691 Y3 Toga Party-06692 Y3 Toga Party-06693 Y3 Toga Party-06694 Y3 Toga Party-06695 Y3 Toga Party-06696 Y3 Toga Party-06697 Y3 Toga Party-06698 Y3 Toga Party-06699 Y3 Toga Party-06700 Y3 Toga Party-06701 Y3 Toga Party-06702 Y3 Toga Party-06703 Y3 Toga Party-06704 Y3 Toga Party-06705 Y3 Toga Party-06706 Y3 Toga Party-06707

October 25, 2013 at 11:37 am 2 comments

Good work winners 18.10.13

I am sooooo impressed with Sophie this week; not only has she listened attentively in all lessons and given 100% effort to all her work, she has also produced a fabulous information text at home based on her learning and research for our Roman topic. Well done Sophie!  🙂

Another hard worker this week and actually every week is Ruby.  Ruby always produces work of a high standard and gives a lot of thought to everything she does.  She carried out some fantastic research for our topic work, and created a list of facts about Roman family life for our display.  Well done Ruby!  🙂



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Multiple good work winners 11.10.13…

This week I have chosen the whole class!!

Over the past two Fridays we have been making Roman shields.  Today we finished them and they were fabulous!  Well done you creative bunch. 🙂

Photos will be uploaded soon for you all to see.


Next project on the agenda will be ‘Roman helmets’…

We are going to need A LOT of newspaper please for paper mache, so please bring any old newspapers into class asap.

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Good work winners 20.9.13…

A special well done this week to… *Bobby and *Joshua


I have chosen Bobby for the effort and enthusiasm he put into his story plan for a Roman myth.  He had some great ideas and was keen to write them all down.  Well done Bobby – I was really impressed!

Joshua impressed both myself and Mrs Marsh this week with his perseverance in numeracy on an area he found particulary tricky.  Joshua wouldn’t give up until he had got it and then went on to set himself a challenge question – which he successfully answered.  I am really pleased Joshua, and perseverance is a great life skill to have!

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Good work winners 4.10.13…

Well done to *George and *Ellis

It is a real pleasure having George in my class as he always gives 100% effort to all areas of learning.  This week I have chosen George for his brilliant BIG WRITE based on his own version of a Roman myth.  Well done George, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your myth.  🙂

Ellis has made a big effort this week to improve his concentration and behaviour in class.  I am really pleased with how hard he has tried.  Keep it up Ellis.  🙂


October 13, 2013 at 3:15 pm 1 comment

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