Proud parents alert!!! Check out the brilliant writing we have done this week!

January 23, 2015 at 2:32 pm 2 comments


The brave, strong dragon slayer rode on his funny horse through the heavy rain until he came to the black smiths shelter.  As the sun rose, the indomitable dragon slayer rode across the hot yellow sand in the desert.


As the courageous dragon slayer trotted through the wind, he felt as cold as the Antarctica. Yet again he was determined to defeat the fierce dragon although he was a little scared.  He rode and rode until he could not see the calm, beautiful village behind him.  Finally he came face to face with the dragon himself.


The heavy rain was pelting anxiously while the indomitable dragon slayer plodded through the deserted village.  Next he saw an old, hairy blacksmith making a metal horseshoe for his rancid horse.  He kept plodding until the dazzling sun rose.  the suddenly he came to a dreadful, sandy cave.  Then he found the horrible dragon.


The apprehensive dragon slayer rode through the heavy, pouring rain where the dazzling horse plodded in the area.  As he rode through the deserted lands he saw an old man who was a blacksmith.  While the sun rose he was riding on his trust worthy horse the horse was so tired.  The beautiful horse was nearly at the dragons lair when he found the dragon.


The apprehensive dragon slayer rode through the pouring rain on his dark brown horse, so he could get to the scaly dragon.  While he was riding the sun slowly rose up, but the filthy horse was very tired.


The indomitable dragon slayer was brave because he killed the fierce dragon.  As the pouring rain was pelting heavily I was in the warm house. While the  dragon slayer was trotting on his filthy horse all night long, until he came to the fierce dragons bright home.


The dazzling heavy rain was pelting fiercely but the dragon slayer would not give up because it would kill everyone.  When he got to the desert it was extremely sandy and sunny.  As the sun came out he met the dragon. Even though the dragon slayer was a little scared he would not give up on the villagers.


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Good learners w/b 19.1.15

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  • 1. Ceri iles  |  January 23, 2015 at 3:53 pm

    Wow, amazing work !!

  • 2. maddie  |  December 11, 2015 at 4:54 pm

    WOW it is AMAZINGLY worded and VERYgood


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