Good learners 16.5.14

Huge congratulations go to Demi and Leo this week!

Demi has made a huge effort to improve her attendance this term. She has been in school every day, and on time too! Keep up this great attendance Demi! 🙂

Leo is making fantastic progress. He always shows great resilience, not only with his own work but he will also encourage and help other children when they are stuck too. 🙂


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ancient Egypt Stunning start!

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Egyptian powerpoints by Shalanda and Yunis

Ancient Egypt Shalanda

The Ancient Egyptians Yunis

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Egypt powerpoint by Ellis

egypt presentation – ellis

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Egypt powerpoint by Maryah


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Good learners 9.5.14

Congratulations to Maryah and Ruby.

Maryah produced a fantastic PowerPoint presentation at home, linked to our topic work on ancient Egypt. She put a lot of hard work and effort into it and I was highly impressed. Well done Maryah 🙂

Ruby is a brilliant mathematician. She impressed me in a recent numeracy investigation with her logical approach and quick thinking. She was able to solve the problem before any one else, and even gave me a run for my money!!! Well done Ruby 🙂

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Pen licence’s

Lots of new pen licence’s have been given out recently – these are earned when letters are formed correctly and neatly and evidence of joining is apparent in a child’s work.

Congratulations to: Yunis, Lilymay, Madison and Cole 🙂

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